The Dogz host a Kickoff Coffee  every Monday morning bright and early at 7:30 am.  It’s a great way to start the week with colleagues in  a social setting to get the wheels churning again for the week. Working at home on solo entrepreneurial projects can be a wonderful thing, but it definitely lacks camaraderie.

The group is organized via which allows meetings to be scheduled and invitations to be sent to group members.   The Monday Kickoff Coffee invite calls for getting together and talking shop over a cup of coffee or getting some work done with a bit of camaraderie and support.  There are also monthly meetings with expert speakers and Friday Happy Hours.  The group has a mission of building an online business marketing community.

Coffee Shop Requirements

Several locations were sniffed out in reconnaissance efforts, but the Dogz settled on Hugo Coffee as it satisfactorily met the following specifications:

  • Great coffee
  • Excellent vibe
  • Gorgeous views (nice, but not required)
  • Dog owned & operated Costs charges approximately $80 twice a year to set up a group and organize meetings.  The meetup group can be configured to either require contributions or allow donations from members.   The Meetup company takes a small percentage for the online payment service, so feel free to collect donations manually.

Starting A New Group

If you need to jumpstart your networking & camaraderie with business pals, experiment with a trial period for 6 months and see what happens.  You can always try the free route of ‘word of mouth’ and see if that works.  Expect to start small and others to join over time.


The Dogz started out hosting monthly meetings with business marketing reviews & expert speakers at the local library.  Topics related to online business marketing such as SEO, website excellence, branding, killer content, vanity links & affiliate marketing have been covered thus far.   The number of participants is continuing to grow with a recent addition of a TGIF Happy Hour and a weekly Monday coffee meeting.

The Monday biz kickoff meetings have been great conversation and energy every time.  Productivity can happen as well 🙂  This week, five people showed up and it was amazingly productive and fun with knowledge sharing and brainstorming.  Even the no-shows that rsvp’d are appreciated as having intention & adding momentum 😉 It’s all good in the spirit of kicking off the work week & getting the business & creative juice flowing.