Leap Year 2016 | Leap into Success!

Leap Year 2016 | Leap into Success!

So, it’s Leap Year 2016 and we have February 29 to enjoy, so why not make the best of it and leap into a whole new level of success and happiness?  You can decide to better your life at any moment, so why not hop onto the positive energy of the Leap Year?  It’s never too late to dedicate yourself to new endeavors or embrace a positive attitude.  Here are a few tips..


  • Leap into that area that you know will move you forward in terms of skill sets and education.
  • Evaluate your career status and leap into whatever will take you to the next level.
  • Leap into something fun that you do on a regular basis, whether it be having fun with PhotoShop (per the featured photo) or dancing or having coffee with a friend.
  • Leap into a workout program that ultimately leads to more success in all areas of your life.


  • Make More Money!  If you have a traditional job, ask your boss how you can make the highest amount possible at your organization… then go for it!  If you are self-employed, hire a virtual assistant for the mundane tasks so you can spend more time on activities directly related to cash flow and customer satisfaction.
  • Start Making Money!  If you are not making money, it’s your time to “Leap” into some cashflow.  Take online classes from Udemy.com or codeacademy.com.  Watch what happens…


  • Use the energy of Leap Year to move forward in a relationship where you’ve been holding out.  Practice your skills as an excellent partner.
  • If you are a single woman, this is the year that you are allowed to ask a man to marry you, so make sure he is responsible and financially stable before popping the question that could possibly lead you into a world of hidden debt. The Dogz know this is ridiculous…the “allowed to ask” thing, not the debt thing. 

So have fun with Leap Year 2016 and Leap into Success with Career, Love and Money!  Catch the frisbee!

The Dogz