Bulls Take a “Time Out” from Stock Market

Bulls Take a “Time Out” from Stock Market

So, the stock market has had some major trouble this year as we break out of the gate of 2016.

In fact, the bulls have chosen to completely ignore the gate, take a nap, and let the wimpy bears charge through the gate instead.

Key Questions For Stock Market Future

  • What if emerging markets go into recession?
  • Why has economic data gone soft?
  • How low will oil go?
  • Is this stock market crash a sentiment reaction?
  • What will the Feds do now with respect to interest rates?
  • Do President Obama’s State of the Union team of speechwriters have a clue about anything?

This Bull Needs a Break

This bull has been working hard at making money and just needs to take a break….


Let’s all hope the bulls head back into action again. Stay tuned!
Why Invest?  Investment Basics….

Why Invest? Investment Basics….

Investment basics are about letting your money, home or other asset work to generate income and/or increase your overall net worth.  One goal is to receive a return that will beat the rate of inflation which has averaged out to be 3.33% over the past 100 years. Another goal is to experience one of those joyful phenomenons called compound interest and/or increased valuation of an asset that can be surprisingly lucrative if all goes well.  (more…)

Bird Dog or Snooze Hound Investor?

Bird Dog or Snooze Hound Investor?

Portfolio Analysis

When is the last time you gave your entire investment portfolio a detailed analysis?

Bird Dog Investor

If you are a bird dog investor, you are sniffing out those charts daily for any decrease or increase, ready to take any necessary action.  Or maybe you are a “buy& holder” and like to check your accounts every day just to know that your acorns are buried safely despite any external excitement.

Snooze Hound Investor

Do you have investment analysis paralysis?  Do you avoid the official investment portfolio review out of fear of being like the guy next door who owned way too much of Enron stock when they went bankrupt?  Are you nervous about news like Detroit bonds being  downgraded to a CCC rating of junk bond status meaning they may never be paid back?  Or are you the type that is just simply too busy working overtime, raising kids or being a social superstar to do a proper investment portfolio review?   (more…)

How Long Can the Bear Market Hibernate?

How Long Can the Bear Market Hibernate?

The stock market has kept us on the edge of our seats for most of 2014.  We’re talking eight record highs in a few months,  with a few scary moments mixed in.  If you’re already in, then it’s likely that you are reaping the rewards of this aging bull market.  If not, you may be feeling like Charlie Brown in loser mode and quietly (or loudly) hoping that the market crashes so you too can afford to hop on the moolah chariot and whoop it up with everyone else when the markets surge again.   (more…)

Stock Market & Millennials

Stock Market & Millennials


Recent surveys have shown that Millennials / Generation Y (born between 1980  &  2000), don’t believe in the stock market.  They are not investing as much as they could because they are worried that they could lose their money.

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