If you missed the original Obamacare deadline for 2015 enrollment, there’s still a chance for you to get healthcare coverage to avoid receiving a tax penalty.  Woot!   Check your state’s insurance program for details.  The thirty seven states that use the federal healthcare.gov system now have the following opportunities to enroll:

Obamacare Extensions for States Using Healthcare.gov

1) If you tried to enroll in the days prior to the Feb 15 Obamacare deadline, and could not due to long wait times when calling or technical issues with the website/system, you now have until February 22 to sign up.

2) If you complete your 2014 taxes and find out you must pay a penalty due to having no qualified healthcare insurance last year, you will now be able to enroll between March 15 and April 30.

The Dogz approve of  Obamacare rules and regulations bending in a logical manner to assist the consumer as the administration deals with issues and lessons learned with a system implementation of such magnitude.

Caution With Healthcare Tax Data

When you do enroll, make sure that you record what your approved subsidy is and have that number handy come tax time in 2016 when you file your 2015 taxes.

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This year, there have been errors from the healthcare.gov reporting system for the 2014 tax year that resulted in 800,000 customers receiving incorrect data on tax documents that either overestimated or underestimated the subsidy received.  The below video explains the errors…

 2016 Enrollment Period

For planning purposes, know that the enrollment period for 2016 will be October to December in 2015.

Note:  This morning, I was working on my taxes and thinking about Obamacare.  My question was… how would an uninsured person who did their taxes after the February 15 Obamacare deadline really understand the tax penalty pain?   They wouldn’t.  They would have to wait another year to apply their lessons learned, sign up for healthcare and avoid the tax penalty that essentially will double for 2015.  The solution magically appeared today in the press with the announcement of the administration allowing additional enrollment time. I’m claiming psychic synergy on this one. Too bad I didn’t get paid a hefty consulting fee for my valuable two cents 😉

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