Say No

Is the word No difficult for you to say?  Even when you know it’s the only logical answer?

Here’s the scene.   The pressure is on by family or friends to spend money on non-necessities or luxuries.  You don’t really have the money right now as your emergency savings fund has been depleted and you are not able to contribute to your retirement plan.

The pressure combined with guilt leads to a massive spending cave in.  You get yourself into debt.  Now you find yourself feeling like a wuss for the lack of the ability to say the word no.

The word no can change many aspects of your life for the better. This includes relationships, your financial world, your health and so on.  The word no establishes boundaries to protect you from being taken advantage of and from doing possible harm to some aspect of yourself or your financial situation.

Mastering the word no adds to your own personal strength, power, self-esteem and confidence.  

By the way, HOW you say it is important as well.  Loving yet firm is a solid delivery approach.

Dave Ramsey has shared his opinions on the word no in the video below.

If the presentation is a bit harsh for you, here’s a suggestion.

  1. Find your sense of humor.   ALWAYS!
  2. Visualize yourself feeling financially free because you DID have the courage to say no.
  3. Change the vision and substitute Dave with someone you love like Jon Stewart or Taylor Swift who don’t take any crap in their own way.  So now, do you notice that all of a sudden the concept is a bit more appealing?  😉

Tips for Saying No

Step into your personal power armor.  Flex your muscles.  What if you now make choices using wisdom and strength that all lead to a feeling of independence, freedom and confidence that you and your family will be taken care of and even thrive?  I’m going to bravely toss out there that it may very well be a preferable and more satisfying feeling than the “I deserve” thing 😉

Humility and strength are a wonderful combination and a huge powerhouse for your life not to mention an amazing inspiration to others.

It’s simply about saying no until you and your family’s needs and financial security are obtained first.  At that point, it will feel MUCH better for the times ahead where  it really does make sense to say YES.

Now it’s time to go.. and master the word no 🙂